Juli 26, 2013


have you ever feel unhappy with your life.
have you ever feel unproud with your self.
however you try so hard
you never get in anything
you never found it.
sometimes you feel your brain want to exploded.
you never know what are you searching for.
you are loosing but you don't know what it is.
you never feel pleased.
you feel tired and give up at the same time.

where is happiness ?

you don't know, until you discover..


Juli 03, 2013


Since I found Deedee's book in gramedia,I know that I am not Backpacker and decide to called as a Flashpacker. If you don't know what is that, here's some article that explained definition of Flashpacker.

1. Flashpackers are NOT a sub-set of backpackers. Backpackers being defined here as those who travel on a strict budgets, use backpacks, and prefer traveling experiences over touring experiences (a distinction that is like the problem of evil discussion in philosophy, mix two beers and you could go at it all night long). In my experience, the different attunements to money make the two fundamentally different types of travelers. Flashpackers will, for example, stay in a super budget hotel, but splurge on the famous restaurant in town. Therefore the fundamental credo of the backpacker might be to seek out budget experiences that are “locally authentic" (in the best cases), whereas the credo of the flashpacker would be to seek out high value experiences that are personally interesting.

Juli 02, 2013

English Tea

I really love UK even I don't know why.Probably because my mom is one of Lady Diana fans. yap. She's really into her. She put a photo of Lady in her wallet so years. Actually I don't have any idea about the relation. lol. One of the uniqueness of this country is the traditions of tea. When I've come to the event organized by the British Council, there's one of the events that are about afternoon tea, about the traditions of england peoples with tea. Unfortunately I couldn't join as a participant, due to the number of participants is limited so I just see and listen without any practice. They teach us-participant how to make a tea, how to drinking tea in england style, tell us the kind of tea, and what the suitable snack served with tea for on special occasions.Then honestly, I forgot about the details and what exactly that we were discuss about. 

But this is what I want to share, does anyone actually follow that ettiquette in england about the tea?