Juli 02, 2013

English Tea

I really love UK even I don't know why.Probably because my mom is one of Lady Diana fans. yap. She's really into her. She put a photo of Lady in her wallet so years. Actually I don't have any idea about the relation. lol. One of the uniqueness of this country is the traditions of tea. When I've come to the event organized by the British Council, there's one of the events that are about afternoon tea, about the traditions of england peoples with tea. Unfortunately I couldn't join as a participant, due to the number of participants is limited so I just see and listen without any practice. They teach us-participant how to make a tea, how to drinking tea in england style, tell us the kind of tea, and what the suitable snack served with tea for on special occasions.Then honestly, I forgot about the details and what exactly that we were discuss about. 

But this is what I want to share, does anyone actually follow that ettiquette in england about the tea?
its unique and meaningfull.

tea ettiquette in england is:
offer your guest tea as soon as they arrive - give them the larger mug, because then they can have more tea in it, and more tea is better - offer them more tea as soon as they have finished their mug of tea, because more tea is better.
if someone looks stressed, offer to make them tea.
if someone looks upset, offer to make them tea.
if someone looks tired, offer to make them tea.
if someone has just come in from the rain, offer to make them tea.
if someone has just received bad news, offer to make them tea.
if you are watching tv with someone and there is an adbreak, offer to make them tea.
if you are making yourself tea, offer to make everyone else tea.
if someone is not currently holding a mug of tea, double check that that is an intentional state of affairs, and they do not, in fact, want a cup of tea.

the point is not about the tea, but its about how much you cares with someone else, how you treat them, how you respect them. spread the love! thats all..