November 12, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Wah. Hari ini katanya diperingati sebagai hari ayah sedunia. Honestly, gue gak inget tanggal ini. Atau mungkin skeptisnya, ngapain juga inget2 gak punya bapak juga.

Yeah well, this is the hardest things to say about my life. I don't have father not because he pass away, but because he left me and my mom since i was young. I think its about more than 20 years I never met him. And I know you guys so wondering, what are you feeling about that penk? do I miss him?

I dont know yet. Really.
Yang gue tau gue banyak mengandai tentang apa yg gue alami hari ini, jika dia ada disamping gue. Karena keadaannya akan berbeda.
Mungkin kalo ada bokap, gue jd bukanlah seorang anak tunggal.
Mungkin kalo ada bokap, gue bs belajar di univ dgn jurusan yg gue mau.
Mungkin kalo ada bokap, gue gak perlu mikirin gimana nasib gue sebagai tulang punggung.
Mungkin kalo ada bokap, gue bakalan dibelain mengenai pilihan hidup gue..
Dan kemungkinan..kemungkinan lainnya yg bakal jadi ketidakmungkinan dan khayalan semata..
Karena nyatanya kurang lebih 24th, he never came to us..

Yang seharusnya di pertanyakan kali ini adalah..
Does he miss me?
Does he wanted to be with me?

for all fathers in the world
Deal with your decision, but there's never too late to changes your decision.  whatever it is.. And how hurting is that..

In the cloudly rainy day on wed
I love you, Pa!

November 01, 2013


What is success means for you?
for me there's a condition when I'm always happy about what I'm doing, never and ever feel tired and give up in something which let me down and found my self in the way I choose. having happy thoughts and always passionate  because of heartfelt what God has decided for my life..

will I get those things as soon as possible? 
cross finger and big amen!